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Direct Billing at Momentum Health is available with most insurances

We bill directly to your extended health plan.

We can also bill Manulife and the Interim Federal Health Plan for refugees (IFHP).

While those listed above are the main insurers that allow direct billing, other insurance companies may also allow direct billing. Please contact your insurer if you have questions about your coverage.

Motor Vehicle Collision Coverage (MVC or MVA)
We bill directly to your insurance company for you.

In Alberta ‘minor’ injuries (e.g. a sore neck or back) sustained in a motor vehicle collision are covered through the Alberta Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols. Your practitioner will further explain these protocols on your first day at the clinic. If you do qualify to be treated under these protocols we will bill your insurance company directly.

If you don’t qualify for the protocols (i.e. your injuries are more severe, or its been longer then 2 -3 weeks since your accident) we are required by provincial regulations to use your extended health care benefits first. Any remaining balances for services are then covered by your auto insurance plan. On your first visit, please provide your most current extend health details. We will take the time to ensure you completely understand your coverage.

If you do not have extended health care benefits to cover therapy, your treatments may be billed directly through your auto insurance company.

Read more about how we help you with MVC Physiotherapy or Chiropractic here.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
We bill directly to WCB for you.

WCB provides physiotherapy coverage for workers injured on the job. We bill WCB directly for treatments, assist to complete necessary forms, progress reports, treatment extensions and communicate with adjudicators, your workplace and other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment. Our team can help you navigate through any WCB paperwork that you may be unsure about.

Alberta Health Care (AHS)
As of March 1, 2022 Momentum Health can provide services if you have broken a bone, had recent surgery or if you are considered to be of low income by the province.

Alberta Blue Cross Billing
Momentum Health will bill Alberta Blue Cross directly for physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments for members of:

  • RCMP
  • DND
  • Canadian Forces
  • Veterans Affairs

For more details about treatment fees, contact our helpful administrative team with any questions you may have about your payment options.

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