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What To Expect

What To Expect

Learn About Your Injury

Learn About Your Injury

Learn About Your Injury

Insurance and Coverage


Insurance Coverage

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Most people ignore their injuries for too long. At Momentum Health, we get you timely access to the right rehab professional so you can get back fast!

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At Work, Sport and Life, we are dedicated to keeping you ACTIVE

Getting the right care means using the right tool for the job. Each of our practitioners will bring you our highest standard of care and will bring in medically warranted collaborators either at the same clinic or with one of our partner locations.

  • We are Evidence-informed and involved in research
  • Dedicated to a High level of expertise and collaboration
  • You will get Guided Access to a multidisciplinary team and procedures


Here's how we get you feeling great again!

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Back Pain

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

General PT Tips

General PT Tips

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We Have Multiple Calgary Locations with Collaborative Disciplines

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Specialized Services may be what you need

Your first assessment may be directly with a unique service or it may become apparent through the course of your treatment that you need an additional practitioner to facilitate your healing.

  • Concussion and Vestibular Conditions need dedicated care and an evidence-based program. Don't wait when your brain is on the line. Let's get you in quickly and build a proper return to work/sport/school plan
  • GLA:D programs Whether for hip or knee osteoarthritis or chronic lower back pain, this class is affordable and based on the latest research
  • Regenerative Medicine You might need advanced interventions that our clinicians may guide you to. Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are trained in regenerative medicine injections for chronic injuries
  • Long Covid Over 20% of Albertans have had to endure a COVID-19 diagnosis. This is the one instance where exercise is not medicine and we will coach you through pacing and gradual return to your previous activity levels

Learn about your injury

You will get the right exercises with us and you can stay on top of them, with our help.

Education is a cornerstone to helping you understand why you have the symptoms you are encountering. You can read about a variety of injuries or browse our videos to gain a greater understanding of common conditions.

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It feels hopeless when
you're held back.
We set you free.

  • Evidence-informed and involved in research
  • Dedicated to a High level of expertise and collaboration
  • Guided Access to a multidisciplinary team and procedures
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