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A Computer connecting with a virtual PhysiotherapistWhat is Telerehab?

Telerehab is a remote appointment that occurs over confidential video conference. Your health care provider will connect at your scheduled appointment time, allowing you to attend from your own home. We use a secure remote healthcare platform. Telerehabilitation is an opportunity to speak privately with a physiotherapist or chiropractor online for a provisional diagnosis, exercise plan and rehabilitation strategy. 

Do I need special software?

We're finding that a computer with Chrome browser works best, but all you should need is to click the link we provide. Just make sure you have a working camera and microphone and space to do your exercises. It's always worth testing your setup before the appointment to make sure it all works.

It's worth noting that you should speak with a practitioner first to confirm your suitability and equipment needs for any appointment.

What can I expect during a Telerehab appointment?

Your practitioner will be able to provide you with a provisional diagnosis, education on your injury, appropriate management plans, and provide you with your rehabilitation exercises. In additional treatments, they will be able to assess your status along your rehabilitation plan and make recommendations for your progression. Telerehab is an effective way to progress exercises and monitor your progress. This is important to ensure you do not fall behind or plateau during this time.

Is there an additional cost to Telerehab?

MVA insurers, WCB and most medical benefits cover telerehab when provided by a registered Physiotherapist or Chiropractor, and by Alberta Health Services when provided by a Physician. Your receipt will be emailed to you when complete.

What else do I need to have ready for this Telerehab Appointment?

  1. Complete and return the consent form we sent you
  2. Test your technology in advance!
  3. Ensure you have space to do exercises without disruption
  4. Wear clothing that lets you move and allows us to see the area of your injury/function
  5. Have ready any gear you need (theraband, roller, weights, an exercise mat etc)
  6. After connecting, you will be asked to complete the informed consent process to proceed with telerehabilitation instead of an in person visit. Your practitioner may ask that another person at your residence is present for the appointment. In this case your practitioner will also ask for this person’s consent
  7. Let your practitioner know if you have any questions

I'm ready to book either In Person or via Telerehab - click here!

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