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Missing work due to injury hurts both employees and employers!

Ergonomic Assessments can be a simple integration to a workplace health & safety plan to help prevent injury and absence.

Don't lose out to preventable injuries!

You can get an ergonomic assessment for an individual or entire team, whether in person or virtually, based on your needs and work location.

What Does an Ergonomic Session at Momentum Health Look Like?

One session with our team is usually 45-60min long. Adjustments to chair/desk and desktop layout are made in the session. We can provide an office measurement sheet with appropriate heights for sitting or standing scenarios. We also make a list of recommended products that are designed to assist each individual.

Bringing more comfort into the workplace often results in improved posture; a reduction in overuse injuries (eg carpal tunnel syndrome) and may lead to more productivity at work due to less focus on discomfort. We also provide education during the meeting that you can carry onward to any employee placement.

The answer is not always to just buy the newest or fanciest equipment. In fact, sometimes this won't help at all! Each situation needs proper attention to find the appropriate response. In general, we are seeking the most supportive environment to allow for the least undue strain on any individual performing the work. Our bodies are meant to move after all!

To get started, please call Momentum Health Ogden at 403.236.0106

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Ergonomic seating with Holiday antlers

We also have a webinar from one of our Chiropractors on how to make some basic Ergonomic changes:

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