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For Dancers and Gymnasts

A Young Dancer Stretches her Leg on a Fence

Momentum Health is your headquarters for Dancer Health.

We are the community partners for ongoing research at the University of Calgary under Dr. Sarah Kenny. Medical Team members work closely to activate Dr. Kenny's research findings and are bringing Dance Science to dancers of all ages.

The data has been presented at numerous international conferences, including IADMS and Health Dancer Canada. The three most interesting findings are observing the tendencies of classically trained dancers to have deficits in:

  1. Cardiovascular Aerobic Fitness
  2. Ankle Stability
  3. Core Activation

Working with a physiotherapist from our medical team means tailoring a program to address these and other susceptibilities in young and professional dancers.

Learn prevention strategies, prepare for your increased exam workload, get summer intensive tune ups or build the cross training plan your body needs. We want you to be the healthiest dancer you can be!

Pre-professional, competitive, or recreational dance students wishing to enhance their dance technique can book a one-on-one assessment.

A 60-minute assessment of your overall flexibility, strength, and muscle control will paint the picture of where you are currently at so we can establish what your goals are. Manual therapy treatment is used to improve your flexibility as required. The final and most important step is to build an individualized exercise program.

You can expect your technique to improve faster, including greater hamstring flexibility, back flexibility, and increased turn-out.

*Dance-trained Physiotherapists are available at all Momentum Health & Evidence Sport and Spine Locations.

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