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Your Journey Back to Peak Performance

Life throws challenges your way, and sometimes that means facing injuries that stop you in your tracks. Whether you're an athlete aiming for your next personal best, a professional navigating the demands of a high-activity job, or someone passionate about living an active lifestyle, injuries can feel like a formidable villain in your story.

We don't think that's fair, when there are solutions to be had!

At Momentum Health, our Athletic Therapists are your allies on the path to recovery. With evidence-based knowledge and compassionate care, we're here to light the way back to your best self, ensuring that injuries are but a brief chapter in your larger journey.

Embark on Your Path to Recovery:

  • Emergency Readiness: Injuries don't wait for the right moment. Our therapists are your first responders, ready to manage any situation with skill and speed, ensuring your safety and comfort from the start.

  • Personalized Recovery Plans: Your journey is unique, and so is our approach. Together, we'll craft a recovery plan tailored just for you, blending advanced treatments with a compassionate touch to support your safe return to activity.

  • Empowerment Through Education: Knowledge is your shield against future injuries. We provide you with insights and strategies to protect yourself, turning challenges into stepping stones towards resilience and strength.

  • A Full Spectrum of Support: Your guide is equipped with an arsenal of tools and techniques to support your journey:

    • Expert management of urgent injuries
    • Custom action plans
    • Supportive techniques to prevent further injury
    • Nutritional advice to fuel your recovery
    • Personalized exercise programs to rebuild your strength
    • Comprehensive assessments to track your progress
    • Manual therapy to heal and soothe
    • A strategic return-to-play (or activity) plan, ensuring you're ready to face the world again
    • Collaboration with physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors or other disciplines as necessary, to get you back to your active lifestyle

    Your Trusted Guides

    Our Athletic Therapists aren't just practitioners; they're educators, supporters, and cheerleaders, dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. With rigorous training and a compassionate approach, they're here to ensure your story is one of triumph.

    Your Next Chapter Awaits

    At Momentum Health, we believe every challenge is an opportunity for growth. With us by your side, injuries become a narrative of strength, resilience, and recovery. Let's turn the page together and embark on a journey back to doing what you love, better than ever before.

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    FAQs on Athletic Therapy

    Q: What treatments can I expect from an Athletic Therapist?

    A: Athletic Therapists will use the right treatment for your needs - think about it, a grandparent needs a different approach than a varsity athlete. Overall, Athletic Therapists will use tools such as exercise prescription and guidance, taping, soft tissue release, stretching and education.

    Q: How is an Athletic Therapist different from a Physiotherapist?

    A: Very little is different! Athletic Therapists typically have more experience with emergency first aid style injuries, and are usually who you see as the first responder at a pro sport event, providing immediate and urgent care. Physiotherapists, conversely, are permitted to provide dry-needling or pelvic health, with additional training.

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