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Redcord Neurac System

"In my 35 years as a physiotherapist, I've never seen anything strengthen the neck like the Redcord System!" - Heather Curilla, PT


Redcord is a multi-suspension exercise system used to activate and strengthen the muscles of the body. The suspension adds a new element to the treatment of injuries and pain by eliminating compensations and isolating key muscles used for functional movement, sport, or activity.

A man suspended in the Redcord Physiotherapy systemTechniques unique to the Redcord:

  • Suspension and the use of body weight for exercise
  • Shaking the slings or ropes to create instability in the exercise—instability is required for activation, rehabilitation and strengthening of key stabilizing muscles
  • Exercise progression—with the use of bungees and ropes, the level of exercise difficulty can be easily altered

Who Is the Ideal Redcord Patient?

Heather Curilla, PT, Redcord Neurac Physiotherapist for Necks

Redcord is for anyone who seeks treatment from a physiotherapist. At Momentum Health, we use the Redcord system to treat many complex injuries, but it is most effective for chronic pain; joint replacement; post-MVA(Motor Vehicle Accident)/Whiplash rehabilitation.

Recognizing that CORE muscles of the body are built in layers, it is important to work each of these layers to reduce pain and optimize movement. With Redcord, we are able to activate the deeper levels of the core with small isolated movements that can be activated in suspension.  

Once the deep layers are activated, we progress the treatment to include upper and lower extremities  to contribute to better functional and everyday movements. 

Work the muscles from the inside out more effectively with the Redcord Suspension System.

The Redcord system is also a highly effective physiotherapy-based approach for:

Low Back Pain

Redcord is a very effective tool for treatment of acute and chronic low back pain. With low back pain, the deep abdominal muscles, are often inhibited. We require these abdominal muscles to help stabilize our low backs and reduce tightness that causes pain. The Redcord system is a unique tool that suspends the body—in this suspended position you are able to activate and connect to those necessary deep abdominal muscles. Once you can feel these muscles we can progress and customize exercises suitable to your needs and abilities. Feel and understand how your muscles work to keep you moving.


Using the suspension system to treat the neck, we are able to isolate and work the muscles in a unique and effective way. By suspending the head, we are able to palpate and assess muscle length, joint movement, and assess for troublesome trigger points. We are also able to activate the deep neck muscles required for stability. With the head supported by the sling, the movement is comfortable with less pain and discomfort. Also, using the multi-suspension system, we use body weight to effectively strengthen the muscles of the neck. If you are suffering from injuries or pain from a car accident; whiplash; concussion; poor postural alignment; headaches; muscle tightness around the neck and shoulders, the Redcord is likely a new treatment option for persisting symptoms.


When treating the shoulders, we rule out contributing factors that may be adding to pain. Of these contributing factors, we look at the neck, the thorax, the muscles of the shoulder blade (scapula), and the shoulder proper(rotator cuff). Each of these contributors can be co-treated for effective shoulder treatment with the Redcord. The scapula is an integral component of the shoulder. The role of the scapula is to provide stability for movement of the arm—the anchor for arm movement. If the scapular base is weak, the result can be, and often is, pain in the shoulder and/or in the neck. When we treat the shoulders with the Redcord, we address all of these factors that could be contributing to shoulder pain. Instability training for stability.


The gluteus medius is one of the contributing core muscles of the hip/pelvis region. The gluteus medius(glut med) works in conjunction with other deep hip/pelvic muscles to provide stability for balance and movement. When these muscles are not functioning properly, it can result in hip pain, low back pain, and tightness. With Redcord, we are able to effectively isolate and activate this region of the hip and low back. Other common symptoms that often arise in conjunction with hip pain include IT Band syndrome; bursitis; knee pain; sciatica and limping due to pain. Make every step a little easier!

Neurological Injuries

Redcord is an exercise system offered in a weightless environment similar to floating in a pool. This suspended, or partly suspended position, allows you to move freely with less pain. This creates more options for needed mobility and may result in a reduction in tone. Body weight can be added slowly by adjusting the Redcord’s supporting ropes and bungees to focus on improving coordination and endurance. Redcord could be used to treat the symptoms of Parkinsons; Multiple Sclerosis; Strokes and Multi-traumatic injury. When movement feels good, your recovery comes faster!

Heather Curilla, PT, provides Redcord Suspension Physiotherapy at our Momentum Health Deerfoot location.

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