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GLA:D Back

According to researchers in Denmark, back pain is responsible for more years lived with disability worldwide than any other condition. Built on the positive success of previous research programs, GLA:D Back brings evidence-based initiatives that follow the current recommendations for the treatment of persistent lower back pain.

What does GLA:D Back include?

1. Assessment by a registered Physiotherapist certified to administer the GLA:D Back Program.
2. Two, 1 hour educational sessions
3. Sixteen, one hour, supervised neuromuscular exercise classes (4-8 patients per class) and a follow up
4. Collection of data at pre-program, and post-program via email on a range of outcome function, quality of life and pain

Who should participate?

Individuals with non-acute persistent lower back pain for three months or longer with no nerve symptoms (neuralgia/Sciatica) are ideal.

What is the cost of the program?

The assessment is $105 and classes are $32 each recurring class (+GST).
GLA:D Back is billable to health care insurance under physiotherapy benefits.
Individuals who may not to be able to participate in GLA:D Back are those with:

• nerve symptoms (neuralgia/Sciatica) 

• Inability to understand and communicate in English (due to the educational and research components)

This program is available at select locations. Call 403-455-0025 to book.

Read the abstract here.

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