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Concussion! What do I do?

Our network is connected to some of the world's most educated and involved concussion researchers.

Dr. Winne Meeuwisse of Innovative Sport Medicine and Kathryn Schneider, PT, PhD of Evidence Sport and Spine, are two of the authors on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) "Consesus statement on concussion in sport". As the medical director for the National Hockey League (NHL), Dr. Meeuwisse's medical expertise in concussion is extensive. His work has influenced how we treat concussions based on the newest findings and treatment methods.  Kathryn Schneider is internationally sought for her clinical experience and research. If you have seen her present, you have seen athletes and researchers alike defer to her for answers.

Our physiotherapists have studied the concussion protocols as written by the international author panel and are trained to assess for concussion.

If you suspect you have, or have been diagnosed with a concussion, call to book with your provider to ensure you are staying within the most current research and guidelines.

Parents, coaches and trainers need to be part of the prevention strategy.  Read the resources available at Parachute Canada and the Canadian Concussion Collaborative and let our multidisciplinary group of clinics take good care of you.

Dr. Schneider presents at a panel conference on concussion in Calgary.