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I am so sick of my lower back hurting

I am so so so sick of my lower back hurting.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization, Low Back Pain is one of the highest contributors to disability-adjusted-life-years (DALYs)[1].

So we all know the basics. Eat right, get sleep, exercise and don’t sit like the frumpy dude with the fabulous flowing mullet (who else had wood paneling at their childhood home!). But what if you are stuck in a chicken and egg which-came-first struggle of can’t exercise due to back pain, so can’t exercise so there’s back pain…

Like many, I’m sure you’ve already seen a physiotherapist/chiropractor and had some moderate to good relief that dissipates after time until you’re left with that lovely old adversary of persistent lower back pain. Why, you ask?

The latest evidence out of Denmark has led to a targeted exercise and education program soon-to-be released that is dedicated exclusively to make a difference to persistent lower back pain.

The program, called GLA:D Back is provided by a GLA:D Back certified Physiotherapist. For those of you who are itching with curiosity, GLA:D is an acronym for “Good life with Arthritis out of Denmark. This program is not for osteoarthritis of the back, but it is built on the same principles and research method that made the Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis program already positively impacting Calgarians at our clinics.

How often have you been to a lecture or education event and heard cool information and thought “well, how does that affect ME”. The program tackles this swiftly at the very start of the group class – dedicated education sessions in small groups of 4-8. Easy, clear and friendly because there’s a handful of people going through this together!

Now the real work begins. Sixteen, one hour, supervised neuromuscular exercise classes put you through the paces in a meaningful way.

Finally, since it is research based, the collection of data post-program is crucial to understand the impact the program has had on you. Function, quality of life and pain is all assessed and compared to baseline.

If your back is aching just a little bit after reading this – shift. Move, wiggle, do what moves you then give us a call. The only thing you have to lose is your lower back pain.

GLA:D Back is available at most of our locations throughout Calgary.

Call 403-455-0025 to book.

[1] GLA:D Back abstract