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Preparing for the Black Spur Ultra

The Black Spur Ultra Marathon Experience

We connected with four participants of the upcoming 2023 Black Spur Ultra race.

Have you ever considered running a race, but even the thought of it as daunting?

These guys feel the same way BUT they signed up anyway!

They recognized that they're going to need some guidance along the way though. So we agreed to help them out!

Let's introduce you to them so you will be able to follow along on each of their journeys to run in the Black Spur Ultra Race in August.

They will connect with our West Springs practitioners to learn how Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy can help during pre-race training; during the race; and post-race recovery.

Each race participant has a different occupation, fitness level and diet so each journey will be slightly different!

Follow along as they journey from the couch to the Mountains and help us cheer them on! Just don't fall off your chair from laughing...

Here is their story

An introduction to the first two on team "Not Fast But Furious"

An introduction to the second two on team "Not Fast But Furious"

Oh did you think that was it? No, there's an alternate!

This counts as valid running, right?

How would your nutrition stack up?

How is massage therapy applicable for running?