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Today, January 25, 2023 is Bell Let's Talk day.

Please watch and share our video, made in collaboration with MenzLeague.

Blue Monday, January 16, 2023, is usually described as post-holiday blues, with cold dark nights and bills coming in from December.
There's a natural solution that we support - getting a walk in!
These are some of our favorite spots to combat the winter blues, today or otherwise.
With these warmer temperatures, find a pathway, park or green space to take a brisk walk.

You will feel brighter!

Of course, if pain or injury is preventing you from enjoying your walk, please call us or book an appointment online so we can help get you out there again!

Want more resources?

How about a full webinar on the Winter Blues to talk you out of that funk.

Chiropractor Dr. Giancarlo Carpino and mental health presenter Kat Rotzinger discuss their favourite strategies to keep the Calgary winter blues at bay in the above video.

You can also see some of our favourite Calgary spots for a walk to stave off the winter blues here on our Instagram channel.