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Do You Care for Your Body the Same Way you Care for Your Car?

Your Body's Dashboard: Why Regular Health Maintenance Is Like Car Care

Waking up sore has become an all-too-familiar routine.

What used to be a quick bounce out of bed has transformed into a slow and careful roll to the edge, followed by a series of groans and stretches. It's as if my body is sending me a not-so-subtle message: "Hey, remember, you're not getting any younger." As I've grown older, recovery seems to take longer, and those aches and pains don't just disappear as effortlessly as they once did.

Dr Denis Simons at the top of the ski hill

Dr Denis Simons at the top of the ski hill

In the midst of my morning routine, I can't help but draw a parallel between my body and a car. Much like a vehicle needs regular maintenance to perform optimally and prevent unexpected breakdowns, our bodies require proactive care to ensure we keep running smoothly. It's a notion that's easy to overlook until it's too late – just like ignoring a car's maintenance needs until the engine starts sputtering.

The Danger of Relying on Dashboard Lights

Imagine if we treated our health like we often treat our cars – waiting for the "check engine" light to flash before addressing any issues. It's a dangerous game to play, and one that rarely ends well. Those who wait for the warning signs, whether in cars or health, usually find themselves stranded on the side of the road, facing more extensive repairs and greater costs.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

So, what's the alternative? Regular maintenance, both for your car and your health, offers a host of benefits. Just as consistent oil changes and tire rotations keep wear and tear to a minimum and help your car run smoothly, regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and proactive health care can keep your body performing at its best. By addressing issues before they escalate, you're not only saving yourself from discomfort but also preventing more serious problems down the road.Dr Denis takes a glacial dip

Dr Denis takes a glacial dip

Have you considered how booking a monthly chiropractic visit can keep your body in tune and prevent needing a series of visits after you do something that most people tell you you "are too old to do"? Maybe you're like me - you'll never say no to jumping in that glacial-fed lake or you still want to do all the ski runs with your kids. But it is also really important to take some proactive steps to stay on top of your physical health. We can help you with that!

Posture and Health: A Vital Connection

One of the critical factors in this maintenance equation is posture. Posture serves as the alignment that keeps our body's "engine" – the spine and central nervous system – in optimal condition. Poor posture, much like a misaligned car, can lead to an array of problems over time. Back pain, neck strain, and even issues like digestive problems can stem from neglecting this vital aspect of our well-being. Your chiropractor tends to be very invested in your posture. It's true! We really focus on your spine.

Posture isn't about just stacking your body in a upright position like a tower of building blocks, but developing and maintaining the strength and coordination you need for your daily activities. If you want to maintain your car when it hits a few bumps or turns in the road, your shocks need to work. Similarly, when you go down the ski hill, you need to have knees that are supporting your hips, hips that stabilize your back and shoulders that let your arms balance you effectively.Dr Denis takes your spine health seriously

Dr Denis works in an evidence-based practice

When we create the optimal mechanical advantage for your body, your mobility and strength can increase and your likelihood of injury will decrease. We'll make sure you get the right exercises for your needs and provide any manual interventions that your particular injury recovery or prevention requires.

Some of my favourite exercises that I prescribe to my patients are hip cars, chin tucks, band pull aparts and progressive bridges. These can be helpful for just about anyone who has a spine.

Investing in Your Body

When we invest in our cars, we're ensuring they stay reliable and functional for years to come. The same principle applies to our bodies. Regular visits to Momentum Health become the equivalent of taking our cars for check-ups. Our team helps to fine-tune our "engines" and catch potential issues before they become major concerns.

Dr Denis provides chiropractic adjustments at a ski event in Calgary

Dr Denis provides chiropractic adjustments at a ski event

Maintaining Strong Posture: Beyond Stacking Blocks

Remember, posture isn't just about sitting or standing up straight, much like car maintenance isn't just about keeping your gas tank full. It's about having the strength and coordination to weather life's bumps and turns. Just as a car's suspension system absorbs shocks, our bodies need resilience and strength to navigate the unexpected twists and turns that come our way.

In the grand journey of life, our bodies are our most precious vehicles. Ignoring the warning signs and skipping regular maintenance might seem like a shortcut, but it only leads to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. By adopting the mindset of regular care, we're not only improving our immediate quality of life but ensuring we can enjoy the road ahead for years to come.

Take a proactive stance toward your health. Schedule regular check-ups, incorporate daily habits that promote well-being, and prioritize posture. Just as you wouldn't wait for your car's dashboard lights to flash before acting, don't wait for your body's warning signs either. After all, investing in your health today ensures you'll be cruising smoothly for many miles and years ahead.

Dr Denis Simons Calgary ChiropractorDr. Denis Simons graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in March of 2000, where he received several awards of distinction. Dr. Simons moved to Calgary in the spring of 2000. He owned and operated Penny Lane Chiropractic and Health in the downtown core from 2001 until 2006, when he joined the Advantage Health group of clinics. An avid and once competitive skier, Dr. Simons spent many years as a volunteer on the Lake Louise Ski Patrol and competed in several Big Mountain Competitions. For several years he enjoyed the opportunity to work and travel with the Canadian National Snowboarding team, treating several Olympic medalists along the way. His reputation consistently has travelling musicians and athletes requesting treatments as their travels bring them through Calgary. Dr. Simons continually attends seminars and courses to make sure he has the most current and relevant information and techniques. As a diversified chiropractic practitioner, he utilizes manual chiropractic adjusting techniques, home exercise, and various soft tissue and stretching techniques to help his patients achieve their healthcare and wellness goals. Being a part of the multi-disciplinary team at Momentum Health allows him to refer and co-treat with physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors and psychologists. As an OTZ trained chiropractor, Dr. Denis Simons utilizes new, groundbreaking chiropractic treatments for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (aka Adhesive Capsulitis). This new treatment approach is providing sufferers of FSS often immediate and dramatic results.

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