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What Does Appropriate Rest Look Like?

Finding the ideal balance between rest and training is an important factor for athletic performance, as well as for preventing burn-out and overtraining.  Here is how athletes can make the most of their rest time, even when rest is limited.

  1. Re-establish a regular sleep schedule and good sleep hygiene habits, including a calming bed-time routine.
  2. Devote time to an activity that is beneficial to your mental health, such as talking to a family member or close friend.
  3. For short rest periods, such as a few days off, participate in a physical activity that works your body in a different way than your dominant sport.  For example, if your sport is very upper-body focused, choose an activity with a lower body focus.  Choosing low impact physical activity during short rest periods is more likely to help you prevent over-use injury.  But, if you are facing a long period of rest, such as during the off-season of your dominant sport, it is good to participate in a mix of higher and lower impact activities to maintain your fitness for when your season resumes.

Not all athletes benefit from the same type of rest.  Seek the advice of a physical therapist if you would like more information on how to best structure your rest periods for your own specific needs.


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