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The decision to obtain counseling services is a personal one.  Our therapists are highly trained, compassionate professionals specializing in a wide variety of issues. Whether you need adult counseling, youth counseling, or post-trauma counseling, we have a fit for you.  

Why a Psychologist?
Your physical and emotional health are closely linked. Physical challenges are often worse if a person is also struggling with emotional or psychological issues. Addressing emotional and psychological difficulties can help you maximize your overall health and give you the quality of life you deserve.

What is a Psychologist?
A psychologist is someone who has gone through years of study and supervised training to help people with troubling thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and relationships. A psychologist is trained to apply scientifically validated techniques to help people with everyday problems as well as problems that might need more expertise. Only those who have been approved and licensed by the College of Alberta Psychologists can use the title “psychologist” in the course of their work. That’s why when you’re seeing a psychologist, you can trust that he/she has the adequate expertise to help you.

How Can Treatments Help?
A psychologist is trained to help people with a variety of emotional and behavioural challenges, including:
• Relationship issues
• Depression
• Anxiety/stress management
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Bipolar disorder

A psychologist can also help to improve a variety of physical problems:
• Headaches
• Chronic pain
• Sleep problems
• Physical problems due to chronic stress

What to Expect
One of the most important components of effective treatment is establishing a relationship of respect and trust and creating a safe environment. Your psychologist knows this, and will do everything possible to help you feel at ease and comfortable as you are discussing your problem. During the first session, the psychologist will ask you questions about your problem in order to get a good understanding of how it is affecting you, and may be affecting your family and others important to you. The psychologist will then be able to make recommendations for helpful changes and then assist you to make those changes if desired.

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