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Evolve Strength Seton

Massage Therapy in Evolve Strength Seton, SW Calgary, AB

Address: 710-19587 Seton Crescent SE Suite #8, Calgary, AB, T3M 2T5
Fax: 403.455.6538

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Dr. Victoria McArthur

Dr. Victoria McArthur,
GLA:D Provider / Chiropractor
DC, MSc, BSc, BKin, Functional Integrated Acupuncture

Victoria graduated from the University of Western States with her Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters of Science in Sports Medicine in 2020 after completing her Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. She has completed training in acupuncture and dry needling through the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and intends to complete her Active Release Therapy training, along with other functional rehabilitation methods, in the coming year. 

Victoria’s focus is on providing the GLA:D program for Hip/Knee Osteoarthritis and Chronic Lower Back Pain. Before her career as a Chiropractor, she worked as a Team Trainer with the Calgary Buffaloes, a Kinesiologist at Momentum Health, and still volunteers with the Canadian Ski Patrol. She loves treating all athletes, from the elite levels to the Weekend Warriors.

Victoria is a retired athlete, having played college level volleyball in Halifax, NS. Growing up she was active in her community with soccer, volleyball, basketball, skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. When not at the clinic, Victoria can be found exploring  in the mountains, floating on a lake, reading a good book, or adventuring with her family and their dog, Bella.

Maria Luong

Maria Luong,
Registered Massage Therapist

Maria graduated in 2017 from Makami College with 3000 hours. She recently moved from Edmonton to Calgary to pursue acupuncture. Her specialties are deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, orthopedic massage, and cupping. Maria believes using a collaborative approach to treat clients yields the best results. She has several years of experience working in a multidisciplinary clinic in Edmonton as a massage therapist. This has given her experience treating clients with a variety of orthopedic conditions, sport related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and post-operative care. Maria has massaged people of all ages from 5-85, customizing her approach for each client to deliver a safe and effective treatment plan. 

Maria is taking bookings at Momentum Health Seton as well as Evolve Strength Seton. She is also open for consultations if you have any questions or are new to massage therapy. 

In her spare time, Maria enjoys spending time with her husband and dog. She enjoys going to the gym, hiking, traveling, spending time in the mountains, and trying out the local coffee shops.

About Us

When you choose Momentum Health, you get experienced practitioners who use the latest evidence to bring you the right hands-on care for your needs. You have access to physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, kinesiologists and more who collaborate together to ensure your optimal care.

If you are ready to overcome your pain, we are ready to help.

We emphasize an individualized approach and treat all injuries, including workplace injuries, sports injuries, and motor vehicle injuries. As part of our individualized approach, we will discuss the length of treatment and propose a plan uniquely created to help you meet your goals - from the very first visit. At Momentum Health, we see you as soon as possible. The sooner you see us, the easier your recovery.

Our Values

Simplicity - We make it easy

Independence - We empower others

Compassion - We give all that we have

Communication - Right communication at the right time

Fun! We have fun, and so will you!

Services Offered

Direct Billing Available With:

We can also bill Manulife, Ironworkers' Health & Welfare (FAS), the Interim Federal Health Plan for refugees (IFHP) and your Vehicle Insurance for motor vehicle collision claims (MVA). Please note that Personal Training is typically not covered by insurances.

While those listed above are the main insurers that typically allow direct billing, other insurance companies may also allow direct billing. Please contact your insurer if you have questions about your coverage.

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