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Have you had a sports related concussion in the last 6 weeks? You may be a candidate for our

Concussion Program In Seton

Our Collaborative Concussion Clinic is an evidence-based program that is multi-disciplinary in nature. It was designed to appropriately assess and manage individuals who may have suffered a sport or recreational related concussion and provide them with a progressive return to mental and physical activity. This team based approach includes seeing a Physiotherapist and Sport Medicine Physician. Depending on your assessment, the team may refer you to other specialists to help aid in your recovery.

You may qualify for the program if:

  • You have a sport-related concussion (diagnosed or suspected)
  • It is within six weeks of original onset
  • You are over the age of 13
  • The concussion is not related to a vehicle collision
  • The concussion is not related to a WCB injury

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Our concussion team starts small to get you on the right path, then expands depending on your medical needs! You will start with Dr. Cory Wowk (MD, CCFP, Dip Sport Med) and Kristen Hunter, PT.

Dr Wowk was Team Doctor for the 2017-18 Men's National Gold Medal Hockey Canada World Junior team; 2016 Hockey Canada Men's National Under 18 Team Physician; 2014 Hockey Canada Men's National Under 17 Team Physician; Head Physician for Hockey Canada Men's National Para Ice Hockey; Team Doctor for the Okotoks Dawgs college and academy teams and brings his clinical experience with hockey to Albertans.

Kristen realized her passion for rehabilitation after sustaining an ACL injury as a minor soccer player. As a result, she is able to appreciate first hand the effect therapy can have on recovery. Kristen received her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy in 2015 from the University of Alberta and her Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2012 from the University of Calgary. Kristen has worked in a variety of physiotherapy settings, but has a special interest in vestibular, concussion and orthopedic rehabilitation. Kristen has completed additional training in dizziness, balance, and concussion assessment/treatment and uses Frenzel goggles as an advanced diagnostic and treatment tool.

What Does The Program Cost?

While treatment options vary, the original assessment is covered by Alberta Health (or other provincial plans).

Which Clinic is this at?

3815 Front St SE #129

We Treat Your Individual Concerns

We follow the most up-to-date guidelines

We collaborate with the right practitioner at the right time

We tailor a plan to your needs

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Arrive on Time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment for paperwork completion

Bring Your Provinicial Healthcare Card

Your appointment will take up to 60 minutes. Your first assessment will be with a Physiotherapist and Sport Medicine Physician. Collaboratively, they will assess your symptoms and develop a treatment plan which may include physiotherapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy, or a referral to other appropriate specialists.

Why Sport and Recreation Related Concussions Only?

We can still see you for all manner of concussions! You just may not necessarily see the Sport Medicine Physician and payment will be through your benefits.

However, to answer the question, if you've ever been in a car crash, it changes your driving habits. You are doing everything you can to avoid that damage (and possibly concussion) again. In sport, medical help and proper clearance is the best way to prevent further injury. To keep wait times low for a high-risk population, we accept only sport and recreation related concussions to this specific program.

Sport related concussions need to follow the guidelines born out of the Berlin Consensus that have been published by Parachute Canada and the Canadian Concussion Collaborative - namely multidisciplinary, physician led management and treatment.

Make use of this free Concussion Regonition Tool for parents, teachers and the public

Teachers and coaches can use the Return to Learn Protocols for school

Also check out this free University of Calgary/Laval "MOOC" Concussion education course for parents, teachers, health care professionals and coaches.

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