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Written by Jason Douglas, Physiotherapist What is Dry Needling? Dry needling is a specialized technique used by certified physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical doctors. The technique, depending on clinician training, can be termed: Dry Needling, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), Biomedical Dry Needling or Functional Dry Needling (FDN) but all tends to follow the same treatment approach. Dry needling is used to treat musculoskeletal systems based on pain patterns, muscular dysfunction a...
Posted on 2017-03-10
With Evidence Sport and Spine South now open in Seton, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our wonderful Clinic Director and Physiotherapist, Sunny Chhokar. Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Sunny Chhokar, I’m originally from Moose Jaw, SK.  I proceeded to go to school at the University of Saskatchewan where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Masters of Physiotherapy.  I moved to Calgary in 2011 to work as a physiotherapist for a few years...
Posted on 2017-02-02
Written by Bridget Pyke, Physiotherapist When I ask runners what their primary mode of exercise is, the answer is simple: running. However, most runners could benefit from an individualized strength and flexibility program to add into their exercise routine. Running is repetitive and occurs primarily in one plane. The same movements, done by the same muscles, in the same direction, will build up the strength of the specific muscles being used to achieve this movement - typically the quads, ham...
Posted on 2017-01-04
Written by Carla Hampshire, Massage Therapist and Author of Healthy Body for Life We are now entering the festive season – a season of joy, family gatherings, excellent food…and STRESS! With lots going on, including parties, an excess of food, family squabbles, trying to make everybody happy, shopping until you drop, playing Santa, stress mounts quickly during this time of year. Stress can have a negative effect on your overall health and well-being. When you are stressed you ma...
Posted on 2016-12-07
Written by Dr Denis Simons, DC Frozen shoulder is a poorly understood condition. Those unlucky enough to experience this condition will suffer for months, and more likely years, with pain and limited range of motion with very little relief. The current rate of incidence of frozen shoulder is 4-6 of sufferers continue to experience pain, stiffness and/or reduced range of motion 7-10 years later. 3 The current western medical model contends that for reasons unknown, adhesions develop in the ca...
Posted on 2016-11-09
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